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Open Source Code is for those who liike solving HTML problems, but I like it easy. Not getting any easier though.

I had a problem. Still having a problem, with SeaMonkey. It is a browser that most do not even know much about.

I was typing in some lines in a Google search yesterday when suddenly I managed to press some keys by mistake, and suddenly my cursor relocates itself in the Google search box at the center of search page is located in my SeaMonkey browser. I can't get that cursor to go back where it belongs! -ARGG!

I began typing and only managed to get about 15 characters in before they started to disappear!

I was still able to use the Google Search but not able to type all the characters all the way to the end of that search box. Funny how clicking on a few keyboard keys by mistake led to this fluke.

I tried to just update my browser. I got an updated version, from version XYZ.123.45 to XYZ.123.46 - actual reference to the version is not provided here. But in spite of the upgrade to the latest build, the Google search box still has a blinking cursor that is not left-center-justified in the text field. It turns out there is a way to fix this but I don't want to learn all the code behind it!

And the only other option would be to uninstall the old version and re-install a fresh new one.

Even this option did not work. I tried it and everything remained as it had been in the old version, just that I lost all of my 5,000 or so Emails and had to re-enter the information to set up the function for sending and receiving Email form the server to my inbox in the browser.

So I finally gave up on trying to un-install the program. I figure I better just submit the error report to MozillaZine and let BugZilla fix things on their end, because I'm fed up to the ears with this technical glitch. The funny thing is, all my other browsers work well with Google and also, my SeaMonkey browser also works quite well with other search engines, like Duck Duck Go and Bing, so I may just not use Google search with SeaMonkey until they get a fix for it. Headaches are hard to get rid of and 2 aspirin or 2 Tylenol won't do it for me today. Maybe I need a vacation from Google and my Sea Monkey on my back browser suite. Yea. That sounds like a good thing. I need a vacation. Yea boy.

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MegL wrote on September 1, 2018, 12:52 PM

That sounds EXTREMELY annoying. I don't think I would be taking it just as calmly as you. Two aspirin wouldn't do it for me either! A vacation sounds good.

Kasman wrote on September 1, 2018, 8:53 PM

Isn't technology wonderful!

lookatdesktop wrote on September 2, 2018, 10:30 AM

I still have a problem with SeaMonkey. The Google Search window in the center of the screen, only in SeaMonkey, is not looking normal. That said, I will have to keep SeaMonkey after trying to uninstall it and reinstall a new version because the program did not fully uninstall and left all my profile information and email but that is a good thing, so I will accept the flaw for now and keep my other settings in tact. Have you used Duck Duck Go as a search engine before? It is one that DOES NOT TRACK YOUR EVERY MOVE ONLINE. :)

lookatdesktop wrote on September 2, 2018, 10:31 AM

It is wonderful to some but not so much to me. USER FRIENDLY has been replaced with USER DOES NOT MATTER ANYMORE. :(