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Five Reasons to Clean Out Your Garage Today

Everyone blinked and it seems that summer is nearly over. While it continues to be summer on the calendar, the kids are heading back to school. Usually purchasing school supplies and getting the bus schedule marks the end of summertime fun. It is also a time of year to get organized for the hectic days ahead. Consider five reasons to clean out your garage today - and stop waiting until tomorrow.

Shopping At Home

The concept of shopping at home takes on new meaning when you clean out the garage - or the basement or attic. There are countless items you kept that could be useful later. Don't wait until they are old and unusable. Unearth the binders in good shape, packages of pens, and clean notebooks to whittle money off your back-to-school shopping budget.

A Place to Park

As the kids get older, there seem to be more cars in the driveway and parked in the front of the house. Get rid of the junk in your garage so you can park a car - or two - in that designated space. Using it to store stuff you may never use is a waste of essential space.

Set An Example

How often do parents ask their kids to clean their rooms and do the household chores? It seems to be an endlessly familiar refrain. Instead of nagging the kids, set an example. Cleaning out the garage shows them the importance of eliminating unnecessary stuff to make room for something better. When they see you cleaning out, they are more likely to do it, too.

Add More Living Space

When the kids start to grow up, the house seems to get smaller. The garage is precious space that can be used for a variety of purposes. And all of them are more useful than hoarding junk. From a study nook to a den to a clubhouse for teens, the garage space can be transformed into exactly what your family needs.

Clean the Slate

A new school year is an ideal opportunity to clean the slate and start fresh. Toss away the schoolwork from three years ago. If clothes don't fit, donate them to a family who can use them for the upcoming school year. You'll feel lighter and better prepared to contend with the busy days to come.

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MegL wrote on August 23, 2018, 5:32 PM

Great ideas. You and your house will also feel MUCH better and lighter for getting rid of all the junk.

VinceSummers wrote on August 24, 2018, 12:53 PM

I've heard the expression, "It could only happen in America" applied to the storing of household items in rented storage facilities. Only Americans rent a place to keep their excess "stuff".