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Trying To Revive This Account If I Can

Picture sent to me by my daughterBeen gone from this site a long time. I think it was in 2015. I thought they had closed the site up. According to my profile been 27 11 mos since my last post. I remember I even had my own logo for this. I guess I will have to look for them again to use if I have no pictures.

I have been writing on and off on different sites. I am actually on one site that I have been on for almost a year now. I don't know if I can share it here. But since this is stul up and running, I have to read the rules again. I also have another site that I also came back to. Trying to earn a little extra.

So many things have happened to me. Some good and some bad. I am now a grandmother! My daughter married and is living in the us so someday soon I hope to visit them and see my grandson. Fo now only thru video chat. He will be 6mos old this coming July 19.

So for now this is just a test post and then I will have to go back and read the rules again because there might be changes or I might have forgotten.

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MegL wrote on July 17, 2018, 1:48 AM

What a lovely baby. Hi paperdaisyflower7 , we haven't gone away, however, we are not currently paying. Most of the rules are the same, no spam, no plagiarism, etc and give credit to other people's photographs. Because we are not paying, you are allowed a link to a site of your own choice, provided it is family friendly. I assume the photograph above is your own or you have permission to use it but all other photos, eg from Pixabay, etc must be fully credited with a link.

Last Edited: July 17, 2018, 1:49 AM

Kasman wrote on July 17, 2018, 2:47 PM

Welcome back granny paperdaisyflower7 ! We never actually went away, we just went into hiding for a bit.

Bensen32 wrote on July 19, 2018, 10:31 AM

Welcome back, congrats on the grand baby.

AliCanary wrote on August 8, 2018, 10:52 PM

Hi, and welcome back! As the others have said, Persona Paper didn't actually close, it just stopped paying, but maybe it will again. In the meantime, we're still hanging out, producing content from time to time, and it's okay to post a link to promote your own site, so that's nice.