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Spending time with mother - A day in the life of a little girl. A mystery story.

MOMMY TAKES ME TO WORK WITH HER where she cleans houses and I spend the day reading while she cleans the big house today.


So, every day, we go to the big house where those men in dark suits and ladies come and go and drive away in fancy cars. The front of the house is a Day Care Center. Many children are there. They make lots of noise so I can't read my books. I spend my time sitting in the living room on the back side of the house, away from the noisy children, who live in the Day Care part of the house. My mommy works cleaning and polishing and doing laundry and dusting for the big house. I spend most of the day sitting on a soft cloth covered sofa, reading the books that mommy gives me to read so she can do her work and I can enjoy reading stories. I especially enjoy reading Perry Mason novels. At age 10, I can read books like these because I am a good reader. I have a lot of books written by many authors. I mainly like to read the books that mommy gives me.

ONE DAY I WAS BORED AND HAD NOTHING TO READ SO I WENT AROUND THE HOUSE, THE BACK PART OF THE HOUSE, AWAY FROM THE DAY CARE PART, AND LOOKED UNDER A BED that was stuffed with money. Lots of money, wrapped in paper bands and stuffing the middle between the mattress of the bed and the box springs. I knew I should not say anything to my mommy about this. I have looked in the kitchen and found inside a tea kettle, more money, hidden away. I realized that the men in the dark suits must be very rich to have so much money but didn't think the man of the house had a job. So where did he get all the money?

ONE DAY WHILE I WAS READING A BOOK a man in a dark suit came in and asked, "What are you doing little girl?", I answered, "I'm reading a book." - The man in the dark suit asked my mommy what she was doing and she answered, "I am cleaning the house." But the man seemed to be unhappy and told my mommy that I needed to be in the Day Care with all the other children and asked her why I was always coming to work with her. She told the man that she couldn't afford a baby-sitter and the man told her that from now on, your little girl must read her books in the Day Care Center with the other children. I don't want her wandering all over the back of the house. It is no place for little girls. So I went into the Day Care part of the house, in the front of the house, and it was full of children, playing and making noise. I tried to concentrate but I wasn't able to read my book. I didn't like being in that place with all those noisy children. I wanted to be with my mommy and I went back the next day with her and instead of going into the Day Care part of the house I asked mommy if I could sit on the big couch and read my books. She said it was okay, as long as the man in the dark suit did not come and for me to not go into any of the other rooms for any reason. So I did just that. I read my book sitting on the big couch and was reading but later one of those men was visited by 3 women, dressed in Sunday clothing. They went all in the back room of the house, and were there for many hours. But I stayed on the couch and read my books while mommy did house cleaning.

ONE OF THE MEN IN THE DARK SUITS had a talk with mommy about me and we went home but she did not talk and she was crying. I don't know why. But later that night, before bedtime, my mommy told me what happened when that man had a talk with her. He told her she could not work there in the big house any more because it was not proper for children to wander about the house and mommy told me she would have to get a job at the Frito Lay company. We didn't have enough money to eat or buy new clothes.

She earned 250 dollars a week cleaning that big house, but now she would only earn about 50 dollars a week now. So, I am sad because she didn't get to keep her job doing house cleaning in that house with the men in the dark suits and those well dressed ladies who came in fancy cars every day.

AS TIME PASSED, and the little girl grew up and told the story to her husband, it was like going down memory lane. A house full of money, stacks and stacks of money, hidden in all sorts of places, inside pantry closets, in jars up on shelves, stuffed inside and between bed mattresses and the man who owned the house didn't have any job because he spent most of his time coming and going from that house. The possibility that those men who paid the little girl's mother 250 dollars a week to keep it cleaned and do the laundry and such, might have been mobsters. Maybe but it was many years ago and so long ago, and her mother long since passed away and it was a childhood memory. Maybe that man was simply a miser, who wanted to keep all of his money out of the bank. Maybe he was a mob boss. Who knows. It was sad that her mother lost her job just because she had a young daughter who had no baby-sitter. But it was just a story right? Yep. just a story.

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MegL wrote on May 13, 2018, 6:35 PM

That's a great start to a story. Just a story, right? Yep, just a story - that's a beginning to something!

lookatdesktop wrote on May 15, 2018, 9:11 PM

I would like to see this made into a movie mystery. I think there is a good bit of stuff in it already to run with it.