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Mother's Day is a good time to send flowers

A Mother's Day gift of flowers was an act of thoughtfulness that was really appreciated by the recipient of such a beautiful and colorful bouquet, that is, my wife.

Today my wife received a two bouquets of Peruvian lilies - The scientific name is a l s tro e m eria a u r e a, which means lily of the Incas - as indicated from Wikipedia in it's description, online.

This flower has a symbolic meaning also, "Mutual support and devotion between two family members or friends" is one of it's meanings and in fact, there are more meanings behind giving this particular flower: My reference (in quotation marks, come from the following website, below:

It arrived sometime during the afternoon on our front porch while we were unaware and running our daily errands and some shopping, in my case, looking for a rose to plant in the back yard and getting lucky at LOWE'S Outdoor Lawn & Garden Center. I was happy to find one within my budget, and they sold 5 bags of Miracle Grow garden soil for 10 bucks. Nobody would pass up that kind of bargain. So when we managed to finally get back home, I had little or no energy left but still went ahead and finished my digging so I could place that Red rose bush in place. I had found some indication that while we were shopping farther south of Oak Cliff, we missed the rain that fell in our neighborhood while it remained only windy south of home.

There was a clear indication that a squirrel had been digging into both pots on the front porch where I have 2 tomato plants, just starting out. I got the very good idea that I needed to place medium size rocks all around the pot near the base of the tomato plants and that way the digging menaces would have a hard time ruining the roots of my plants.

So, the bouquets of multiple colored flowers were a welcome sight, after my wife put the in a vase and placed it on the coffee table in our living room. Nice. The problem she had to deal with was simply that the person who ordered these flowers did so incognito. Not knowing who sent them was a bit of a problem but I managed to send a text of thankyou from my wife, in her own words, to the sender, who remains anonymous.

They might be from one of her children or a relative of either of our families or even a friend of the family. That gets me. You know, if a person sends flowers, why do they wish to remain unknown?

We may never know who it was as that person may wish to remain forever unknown. In any case, the flowers were beautiful and she and I think they are very nice and add extra color and beauty to our home for now. It seems they might last for up to 2 weeks to be in full bloom. Up to this moment, until I read about this flower in particular, the lily, I had never known such a flower ever existed on the planet. A rare treat for sure and much appreciated by us both.

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MegL wrote on April 13, 2018, 4:45 AM

What a lovely gift. And your article is a way of saying thank you, also. If you link your article onto your Facebook page, or your wife's, then whoever sent them may see it and know how much the gift was appreciated.

Kasman wrote on April 13, 2018, 6:16 PM

Anytime is a good time to send flowers to someone you care for but I would at least include a note so that the recipient would know who to thank!