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Promote, Promote, Promote

A new site such as Persona Paper, needs a lot of things to succeed. Most of those things come from it's users and considering there is currently only around 400 members here on Persona Paper and new registration has closed for the time being, it is important that this site and the posts that we make get viewed by outside sources as well as internal views.

How do you do this?

Simple. Promote yours and others posts outside of Persona Paper.

Persona Paper have already provided the tools for you to get started on this with the share buttons such as Faceboo and Twiiter share. If you have accounts with those social networking sites, it is important to reach out to people outside of our little community and get them to read the posts on here.

Outside views will, of course increase your views and the possibility of your posts reaching even further afield.

So use the tools Persona Paper provide you, and any other resources you have.

Some of the sites I have used in the past include Redgage, Stumbleupon and simple blogging. There are many, many others too.

Be proactive with your posts, and any that you feel will be of interest to a wider audience, take the time after you have submitted it, to share and promote.

After all it's the ads that generate the revenue here, and the more people that view these, the more money will be generated.

It is also good for backlinking giving the site a better SEO ranking and visibility on search engines.

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