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Hello to all who visit here at persona paper. It is the day before Chirstmas and I am about out of Eggnogg. But I still have plenty of pie.

Hi there. It's the day before Christmas, 2017.

You already knew that. So what is new for me? Nothing really. I mean, I have not heard any bombs drop from North Korea so far and Isis hasn't made a move. I am happy with that.

As for the winter weather, we have nothing to talk about. Dallas is about as boring this time of the year as Death Valley Days.

I hope all who still remain here at are happy and managing well and by the way, how do you feel about just staying home for the holidays? I mean, GMAB! already. The traffic is insane, the airports are fully loaded and people are doing last minute and last second shopping all over the place. I would rather stay home the next few days, watch IT'S A WONDERFUL LIFE and have some hot coffee and just chill out here at home and watch TV. It don't take much to make me happy. I like it simple, and maybe even a little bit stupid because I don't need the excitement right now. All I need is to REMAIN CALM and avoid watching any more political news for a while.

Have a nice holiday, weather it be avoiding the holidays altogether or just spending time watching good old black and white who done-its on YouTube.

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MegL wrote on December 25, 2017, 1:24 AM

Have a great holiday Anthony. I like staying home in peace and quiet too. Mind you, with 5 grandchildren coming down sometime today, not much chance of peace and quiet all day!