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Necessary Equipment in a Modern and Progressive Laboratory

PixabayLaboratory researchers make life-changing discoveries, develop new products, and improve existing ones. This research protects people and helps improve their quality of life. Consider some of the necessary equipment needed to run a progressive and modern laboratory.

Smartphones and Tablets

Mobile devices are becoming an important part of laboratory use. Tablets are being used to replace bulky computers as well as clipboards. The more streamlined smartphones and tablets have the computing power to be able to track data and figure out formulas. Mobile apps are being created for lab use, too.

Mixing in Laboratories

Laboratory stirrers are essential in a smooth operating lab. Labs need to create new compounds and they do this with stirrers that they use to mix substances. There are air powered stirrers and electric mixers used for the powerful laboratory mixing.

Portable Equipment

It is difficult for labs to go on the road but it is needed at times. A portable GC-MS, gas chromatography and mass spectrometry are helpful here. The more up to date versions are capable of transport and allow laboratory analysts the capability of on-site analysis.

Data Systems

While this qualifies as software and not an app or a gadget, this data tracking along with analysis helps to facilitate experimentation. Through the use of computer analysis and algorithms, large data patterns can be discovered quickly. This is extremely useful in the field of biomedical research because testing here can be tedious and swamp scientists.

Lab Washers

Having the proper lab washers is an understatement but very important in the laboratory. If the equipment is not cleaned properly it will interfere with accurate readings. Having updated cleaning equipment can save lab scientists time and money.

Of course, there are also timeless pieces of equipment such as test tubes and beakers that continue to be used in laboratories around the world. But cutting-edge technologies help improve the overall efficiency in modern labs, including school laboratories where future researchers are educated.

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MegL wrote on October 30, 2017, 5:25 AM

A laboratory is a very different place these days from when I was last in one!