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Inventive Genius or the Height of Laziness - Writing a Book Report

During some of my school years, in middle school and into high school, I would have to write book reports. That might not have been so bad, but I had to read books I did NOT want to read.

Now I invented the words "couch potato." I'll admit it. I have a lazy side. Especially was that so when I was young. So what did I do to meet the requirement of submitting a book report?

My first method was in the earlier years.

I'd visit the library. We didn't have computer entries. We had index cards. I'd look up a book in the cards and read the synopsis. I'd copy the synopsis verbatim on a sheet of paper. I'd take that synopsis, and on another sheet of paper, I'd flesh out the first words until I had a book report of sufficient length. I never read the book! I might not get a top grade, but after all, I only wanted not to fail.

In high school, I could pick a book. Even then I did not want to read the book. How would I pick the book? I'd pick a title that was available in the comic books section of the store. The Illustrated Classics . I'd get a good grade! This was becoming fun. But still, in the back of my head, I knew it was just plain wrong. So...

So when we were told to read The Caine Mutiny , I did just that. I sat in my bed and read the book until like 2 a.m. I wrote the report and submitted it. I received a D minus! I was HOT. I approached the teacher.

"What do you mean giving me a D minus for this book report that I poured my heart into, when in the past I'd read the Illustrated Classic comic book and write my report on that and get an A or a B?"

His response: "Well maybe the Illustrated Classics were more your speed."

When I look back sentimentally on my school days and think of my old teachers wistfully, I avoid thinking about that particular fellow.

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MegL wrote on October 23, 2017, 2:32 PM

LOL. I don't ever remember having to write a book report for school but on the other hand, I was never without several books that I might be reading at the same time. I do remember the teachers trying to get us to analyse the stories. I hated that. Once I had read a book, I didn't want to go back over it at all.

HappyLady wrote on October 23, 2017, 3:25 PM

We never had to write book reports at all. I think this was a shame. However, if not interested in a book I may well have done the same.