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What motivates US civilians to own an AR-15 assault rifle?

Put simply, there is no good reason for a civilian to own an automatic assault weapon, but it is apparently the constitutional right fore a United States citizen, civilian - to possess such a gun.


But to decide to use it to kill hundreds of innocent people, standing in a crowd, watching a musical performance in Las Vegas, proved fatal.

Do you own a hand gun? or do you posses a complete arsenal of fire power in your locked up bunker safe? Well, we do live in bad times. It is only that, well, I personally do not favor owning any type of firearm. I have never needed one. I do not place myself in a situation where I would use one. I don't hunt for rabbits, dear or even shoot at squirrels with a rubber band gun.

But there are those, who are hard working and responsible and quite sane people who want to defend themselves in times of trouble so the law provides them with the ability to carry one and to possess apparently an unlimited number of many types of firearms. But diplomacy and a bullet proof vest is often the best solution to avoid being killed or causing another person who is not quite as level headed as you are, by pushing his or her buttons.

Guns are a big business however and the NRA wants you to go get your guns. So that in mind, be aware of the fact that most people who own a gun or many guns is not going to use them to hurt or kill anyone, but when the media sends these signals and video footage of mass shootings like the most recent and deadly rampage of madness in Vegas today, it is apparent you better had not let your guard down!

Stay safe, get your guns, but don't provoke crazy people with them. We need more rational people living and the ones who have common sense need to ban those who are going to abuse their weapons like that guy in Vegas did several hours earlier just after the 1st of October, 2017. And to make matters worse, the manufacturers of automatic weapons like to get buyers by the bushels. They may in fact want people to go shoot it up as they might get a thrill for the kill, so to speak. It's likely they, along with big tobacco, and those sellers of hard drugs, want us all to feel like we actually need to be buzzing, drunk, angry and shooting our guns, but for the wrong reasons, PROFITS.

From the Routers News report this morning, around 6 AM, I got the news flash of the century!


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VinceSummers wrote on October 2, 2017, 12:18 PM

I don't get involved in political matters, whether apparently sane ones or anything but. This system of things -- lock, stock, and barrel -- are doomed to go! None of it is salvageable. People keep trying to fix a dying system, a sinking ship. The Kingdom alone will stand after the Great Day - Daniel 2:44.

MegL wrote on October 2, 2017, 1:18 PM

That was a terrible thing to happen. Guns kill people!