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Be Suspicious of Ground Meat

When I was a child, I recall hearing what I assumed were informed sources saying, "Beware of any meat product that is ground, such as ground beef, sausage, hot dogs, etc." I believe the reasoning was that you couldn't identify what went into those products. Have you ever wondered, for instance, if hotdogs contain a percentage of rooster testicles, or worse? Or that the constituent meat may have been discolored, approaching spoilage? Spices could make such a product seem fresher... spices such as sage, say?

Now I love ground meat links and other products. And, relatively speaking, they have an excellent taste, while being reasonable in price. Oh, I'd love to enjoy more expensive meats, but old age and a limited income make it very difficult to obtain same. Am I being poisoned? And if not, what am I eating, anyway? I'm not overly fussy, but some body parts, I personally feel, are best turned to pet food.

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MegL wrote on September 23, 2017, 10:45 AM

We buy ground meat (or minced beef / steak as it is called here). We get it from the local butcher and I think it is pretty good. I have gone off his sausages at present because they were very spicy a few weeks ago, so we currently buy the packaged ones on offer in the local supermarket, which are made from minced pork and are very tasty. In some ways I don't mind what is in the minced meat, as I reckon that one part of an animal has pretty much the same food value as another part. But in this country, if it is called minced beef, it should contain ONLY beef, not some other animal. One of the celebrity chefs in this country is very vocal about the food provided to children for their school meals. He talks about "pink slime", which is mechanically recovered meat and which looks revolting. He is campaigning for better quality food for children. Children's food is important for their growing brains and bodies: they should be getting the best of food, not leftovers.

VinceSummers wrote on September 23, 2017, 11:20 AM

And if you think it's bad over the big water, what do you imagine it is here, in this money-loving commercial nation?