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I Love Teaching the Bible

Some of you already realize this, but I love teaching the Bible. It's great to read it. But if you aren't teaching it to others, you're missing out on the best part.

I like to put together little, well, sermons for lack of a better word. Although they're not sermons. All too often, a sermon is merely the opinion of the one providing it.

Thus some preach against alcoholic beverages, some against dancing, some against birth control, some against coffee... you get the picture.

  1. It's not wrong to drink alcohol. It's wrong to be a drunk or a heavy drinker.
  2. Most dancing is perfectly fine, especially if it involves one's mate, family, etc., and is not suggestive our lewd in nature.
  3. Birth control that does not involve the death of a developing fetus is not scripturally wrong.
  4. And coffee? That's a laugh. The ones who preach against that must have nothing better to do.

Anyway, I wrote this article on a single Bible verse, one which most of us can quote, but which few of us accurately understand, Genesis 1:1.

So please drop in and read, won't you? It's not too tough to read and understand, it's enlightening, and even if you profess being an agnostic or an atheist, it will do you no harm.

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MegL wrote on September 22, 2017, 2:34 PM

You have certainly paid great attention to, and expounded on, a few words. It has been said that you really only understand something if you can teach it to others. My father was the first to tell me this but I don't think he was the first to say it. I think if you have to teach something, you pay a lot more attention to it and develop a much greater understanding of the subject.