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My MRI Speculation Concerning Shiny Black Rotating Structures in My Eyes

In the past, I've experienced a pituitary tumor and resulting acromegaly, often associated with gigantism.

In the past, I've also experienced a thin retina that produces tiny bleeding circular sores that heal up, only to be replaced by other such tiny sores.

The tumor appears to be re-occurring. I was given an MRI test to check on this.

When the test was complete, I noticed tiny black, shiny, rotating pieces that resembled tiny crystals, which within a couple of minutes or less, disappeared.

These were not floaters in the usual sense. What could they be? I may have hit upon it, though what I will say now is mere speculation. Can anyone verify or disprove this?

I believe traces of blood from the sores decomposed in the eyes, yielding small quantities of iron particles as magnetic oxide or something similar. Next, since the test was a magnetic resonance test, those particles may have become magnetized. The particles weakly attracted each other. In time, the magnetism dissipated and the black particles dissipated.

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MegL wrote on September 6, 2017, 5:43 PM

I had a search online and a number of people reported "floaters" following MRI scans but these lasted longer than yours and appeared to be the usual type of floater. I couldn't find anything exactly like you are describing. Maybe it would be more likely found in a medical search database. You may be right in what you surmise.

Kasman wrote on September 7, 2017, 4:59 PM

Your conclusion seems a reasonable one. MegL 's suggestion is probably the best way to find out.