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Vacation for Holy Week

Today is Maundy Thursday here in the Philippines. As of this writing, it is already 10:08PM. The last time I wrote here was 9 days ago. No work schedule in my area. It is holiday. My regular work was made yesterday. After office hours yesterday, I came home to do some household chores and prepared myself for a vacation in my mother's house. My wife and my sons already here in my mother's house since Tuesday for an early vacation blowout. I just followed a day after. Tomorrow morning, my wife will return back home to get more clothes especially for the dress that we will use for church service on Sunday. She will return here as soon as possible to continue our vacation mode for the Holy Week. On Monday, I will return back for a regular work.

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MegL wrote on April 13, 2017, 11:31 AM

I hope you enjoy your vacation. In the UK, the banks will be shut for Good Friday and Easter Monday but most people take Easter Monday and Easter Tuesday off, rather than Holy Week.