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Birthday party celebration!

It is April 7 and I’m thinking about my son Chris, as it’s his birthday and he will be turning 24 years old today! This morning we spent approximately 10 minutes doing a Meditation session and it was a good and relaxing way to start the day! As he will be returning to Melbourne soon to continue with his studies, my husband ordered the book we are using and it is called Mindfulness: an eight-week plan for finding peace in a frantic world, so I can continue when he is away. We got an SMS this morning and it will be arriving in the Nelson Bay Post Office today!

At the moment there are many sailing boats going past us with white, blue, red, orange and yellow sails. Weatherzone mentioned that it would be a mostly sunny day, but after being cloudy this morning, now we can see a gigantic blue patch of blue sky, with only some white clouds! The birthday boy prepared a Pisco Sour to drink and he will soon shave and get dressed, so we can take some more pictures, before he starts preparing the lobster we will have for lunch.

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MegL wrote on April 7, 2017, 3:08 AM

The birthday boy is preparing his own lunch?

Sylvia13 wrote on April 7, 2017, 3:59 AM

The birthday boy is a very good cook and he also likes to prepare sweets, like Crepes Suzette. Today he prepared Baked Lobster, also called a la Provençal or a l'Americaine.