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Welcome to 2017 with Persona Paper

Good Morning and Welcome to 2017 with Persona Paper. I'm Wendy Spickerman, one of the contributing writers here on Persona Paper and I'll be sharing with all of you, my knowledge, experience, and adventures into Healthy Living . This is a broad category in which I'll be talking about things like food, fitness, health issues and lifestyles.

As a mother of (three), a survivor of domestic violence, and a person with a severe medical condition it's important to have a happy, healthy lifestyle at hand. It's not something that happens overnight but something you work on every day of your life. As we grow and change, meet obstacles, and try new things it's important to keep an open mind and not shut down due to those situations and experiences that come our way. But grow as a person.

I for one love trying new things so a lot of my photos are going to be my own. As a journalist, I take a lot of photos when covering breaking news as well as events. One of the things I enjoy most is sharing my photos with others. I'll tell you right now I'm a big
foodie . I love to cook and bake, try new foods and share those experiences not only with my family but with my readers.

Today, I'm going to share with you one of my photos from the blizzard that hit the East Coast a week ago today, Stella. I look forward to everyone. How important is a healthy lifestyle to you?

Wendy Spickerman

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MegL wrote on March 22, 2017, 12:07 PM

My goodness, look at that snow! I am glad to say we almost never get that here.

Glenn wrote on March 22, 2017, 2:00 PM

Hi Wendy, I live on Long Island and experienced this storm too. It was strange to have so much snow so late in the season. It was even stranger with I head on the news that the storm was named Stella. That was an ex-girlfriend. A few of my friends called to tell me it was good that Stella didn't cause much trouble this time. They wanted to see if I got it. Yeah, I got it!

frankie2015 wrote on March 22, 2017, 5:52 PM

Wow, it looks almost like it was here in Montreal. I am sorry I missed it because I live in Gatineau. I just enjoy winter (and part of Stella)so much.

Angeles wrote on March 22, 2017, 5:59 PM

Oh! What a photo!! We just had some 2 centimeters here today! Nice to have you here, sharing your passions!

Colibry21 wrote on March 24, 2017, 10:42 AM

It's certainly nice to have you here. It's good to meet you and hear a little bit about you. It seems like you can get the same kind of snow we do here.

Wendy_Spickerman wrote on March 29, 2017, 1:26 PM

Quite humorous that it's an ex-girlfriends name. When I heard they were calling it Stella I thought, "How do they come up with these things".

Wendy_Spickerman wrote on March 29, 2017, 1:28 PM

Thanks, Angeles pleased to meet you.

Wendy_Spickerman wrote on March 29, 2017, 1:30 PM

I wish I could have gotten a better photo but we were working in whiteout conditions that morning. Visibility was all over the place.

Colibry21 wrote on March 30, 2017, 7:04 AM

It's going to happen in some conditions. The photos won't always be the best in these conditions. Not too much you can do.

luisga814 wrote on April 4, 2017, 2:45 AM

Hope Persona Paper will get a good 2017 prospering. Welcome back to all of us here. Looking forward with a greater success.

AliCanary wrote on May 25, 2017, 6:14 AM

Wow, that photo really says "blizzard"! Just wanted to make sure I caught this before it went off the front page, as activity is increasing here a bit. Hope you will contribute some more in the future, as we are working on trying to make this a paying site again. Thanks for sharing this with us!