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President Pathological Liar

Okay, another kick at the can.

I submitted a "piece" last night but realize now it likely got rejected because I didn't have available credit for the photographer of a photograph of the always fascinating mouthpiece DJ Tromp.

Still can't find the original photo to track credit so was forced - with hands sore from literally forking hay and horsesh%t half the day - to offer up a Windows Paint version. It's sort of true and not true... just like my subject.

Thing is, to repeat my whiskied refrain from last night, I cannot believe that a pathological liar was elected as the president of the USA.

And this isn't just a politics thing.

American citizens have elected a man who only lies when he opens his mouth.

When he opens his mouth, lies come out. Like flies. Except with no "f". Flies without the f. Lies. That's about it.

Can you believe ANYTHING he says? Does it matter?

Yeah, probably.

He may not be a murderous thug like Putin but the problem with DJ is that you can't really expect to trust him on the weather.

"What's it like outside, DJ?" And while from outside there come the sounds of houses being uprooted and tossed down the street like tumbleweed by winds not seen since the last Great Extinction...

"Great," says DJ. "Pretty great. I was out for a walk, there was sun, yeah there was sun, and some cloud, but not too much, yeah, that's the ticket, there was sun with a kind of cloudlike thing happening, but it was fabulous. It wasn't a disaster, it wasn't in any way a disaster..."


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MegL wrote on January 29, 2017, 3:07 AM

I didn't know there were sites where you had to pay to add a photograph. Funny piece of writing.

lookatdesktop wrote on January 29, 2017, 10:40 PM

I have a gut wrenching feeling inside that just won't go away.

TheLambLiesDown wrote on January 30, 2017, 8:15 AM

Oh, come on! They aren't 'lies' they are alternative facts! Get with the program!

Other side of the wall for you! lol