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We often hear what it's like when you try to buy something from an online site and you get junk or someone uses your card fraudulently or you get the wrong size or colour sent. Have you ever thought what it is like to run the customer services section of an online selling site? If goods are damaged, don't arrive or have been supplied incorrectly, the customer is refunded or the item replaced. But what if the customer changes their mind or wants a freebie?


Take it that the site is legitimate, honest and trying to do the best it can for its customers. This can be some of what you get:


You're charging 5 times what it costs you to buy these items (er, no we are not, I wish!)

If you don't refund half my purchase price, I will tell all my thousands of friends on Facebook and they will give you negative feedback and you will be ruined.

I will put in a dispute with your funding provider and I will get the full amount back anyway

Wrong Size

I know I didn't measure my foot against the measurements you provided but I still want a free replacement AND to keep the original.

These are not American sizes (yes they are, they are produced to American sizes) they are too small / too big


You have charged my card fraudulently, I don't recognize this payment, I bought from a company, not an individual.

1. They have forgotten or didn't read the Paypal / credit card statement which says where the payment is going

2. A child has "borrowed" a parent's card to purchase something

3. A couple have split and one has used the other's card to purchase something!

None of these is fraudulent and your card will not cover you in these circumstances. Your best bet is to ask the company to refund your money. Most legit companies will refund unless the goods have already been sent out, when they cannot do anything about it.

Eye opener

Working on the customer services side of an online company is a real eye opener!


Of course, complaints are only a tiny fraction of the transactions. Most go through with no problem, thankfully, it's only a few that do not.

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msiduri wrote on October 29, 2016, 9:52 AM

I never did that, but I worked retail when we had to cut up cards in front of the cardholder. Oh, the threats we used to get! And people who didn't understand why we couldn't accept Canadian change. Nothing again Canadians, of course. Lovely people. Just the banks reject their coins.

MegL wrote on October 30, 2016, 2:45 AM

Thanks for commenting msiduri . Banks in the UK will not accept coins belonging to other currencies, either. They will accept notes. I think it is the weight for returning to their own country.

Squidwhisperer wrote on November 4, 2016, 11:36 PM

Thing is, we [in Canada] recognize and accept all American coins. Our coins are identical shape as the Americans, just with different facing. Coolest American coin to me was the "buffalo nickel" - with a Native-American profile on the other side. When they got rid of that, it was just presidents and buildings.

MegL wrote on November 5, 2016, 10:41 AM

Are your coins equal in value to US coins? My grandmother used to collect ship halfpennies (Old UK coinage) many years ago. The halfpenny was the lowest value coin in the UK and had changes in design every few years, so not every halfpenny had a ship on the back. It was her form of savings for someone on a very low income.

rebelann1949 wrote on December 14, 2016, 3:52 PM

Over the years of purchasing online I have found that when dealing with customer service it is always a good idea to remember that they are not the ones who are responsible for what you ordered so it helps to be very polite to all of them, so far I have always received a refund or replacement on any item I have ordered. For me online shopping has been a wonderful aid to get those mundane things I hate waiting in line for.

MegL wrote on December 14, 2016, 4:18 PM

Yes, I wish everyone thought that way!