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The continuing adventures of John Walker ... Man on the Moon

It was just another day in they year 1951

A boy looked up at the moon from his home in Indiana. He asked his father, "Daddy, is there really a man on the moon?"

The father, John Walker Sr. answered, "A long time ago, there was a man on the moon, who traveled in his space ship there to see what was on the dark side, but that was many many thousands of years ago. He was from an ancient civilization that was destroyed by an earthquake."

This was just a legend, that his father created and was of course not exactly true. But little Johnny Walker Jr. was excited by the stories his father told about people who lived a long time ago who were more advanced than even today.

Because of this, and his natural curiosity, young Johnny Walker Jr. read many books about space travel and the planets and the stars and one day he found a book at the local library that was hand written, not in print, and looked as old as a hundred years. It was sitting on a shelf in the far corner of the 5th floor of the Downtown public library. Johnny Walker Jr. was now 1957 and Johnny was eleven. The Sputnik was launched and it was not the USA that launched it. The start of the Space Age had begun officially.

They called him Anthony The Astro Nut in first grade. He was 5 years old and was attending his first grade class at the elementary school, Emerson, in Mitchell, Indiana. He hated it when his teacher made fun of him. He was a very smart little fellow and he too was very fond of outer space and for that reason he read books about NASA and wrote letters to NASA for pictures of the astronauts and such by the time he was about 13 years old when living in Dallas in the year 1970.

When the first photographs arrived he was so happy he showed the pictures to his mother and they were about 8 by 10 glossy pictures of the the moon and some of the astronauts. The lunar lander was on one of the nicely colored glossy pictures and there was a letter printed that said, 'Thanks for your interest and support of our efforts for space discovery at NASA. We hope you enjoy the photographs.'

John Walker woke up one morning with the thought of joining the space program. He was in great physical condition and had several years of college behind him.

He was now 24 and man had landed on the moon a year before. It was a good time in the history of space flight to get involved in the space program. The year was 1970 and at age 24, John Walker Jr. had the rest of his life ahead of him.

The idea of going to the moon was too far fetched for him actually but the idea of working for NASA just to get involved in the space program excited him enough for him to go to Houston just on a lark and see the exhibits there at NASA that were on public display. The trip would do him good for a change of pace. He had been living in Dallas a long time and wanted a chance to see how it looked at the forefront of space, where NASA was where the action was.

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MegL wrote on October 24, 2016, 12:21 PM

That was great, for NASA to send photographs to a young person.

lookatdesktop wrote on October 25, 2016, 11:29 PM

Yes. I was very proud and happy to have had the positive response from NASA and it made a positive impression on me from that very moment. I showed off the pictures and letter to my parents and they were happy for me and somewhat surprised.