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Wow, a 20 book collection of Stephen King novels.

I think it's nice that my friend of many many years has decided to just give me his collection of Stephen King books. I told him before he made this grand offer that he could have 2 record albums of Yes from my collection.

I offered my friend Yes, Close To The Edge and Yes, Fragile.

These albums are old and not in mint condition but my friend likes these records and has collected them all his life and still has a turn table.

For a long time I have let my record, that is, my vinyl record collection sat in the closet in a vertical stack and this was no way to treat a record because it can cause warping.

It is a shame that I don't have a record player. They are now setting up right like books on any bookshelf in crates and I still require a turntable of some kind if I want to play them.

Mostly I collect audio cassettes of music and computer MP3 but somehow it's just not the same.

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MegL wrote on October 17, 2016, 1:24 PM

Many people believe that the quality of vinyl, analogue music is far superior to that of digital but vinyl records are very hard to keep in pristine condition. Turntables that have a USB connection are quite easy to find these days and a reasonable price. Maybe you could digitize your collection?

lookatdesktop wrote on October 20, 2016, 11:02 AM

The link I have given you may be of interest if you like or at least are familiar with the artist Roger Dean. Books by Roger Dean.