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Cards Against Humanity

If you ever wanna get to someone and their humour, this is the game to play. Its dark, dirty, sexual, racist, sexist, and just plain hilarious. Its even better when you are able to play it with your parents!

No child would ever imagine playing this game with their parents. Well tonight, that is what the man and I did. Went to my parents house, and played Cards Against Humanity. This dirty and nasty game. And what a game it was.

Some of the most darkest cards got played. I wish I could remember some to share with all of you. But if you have played this game before, you know just how ridiculous it can be!

It's fun for the entire family! The card game that has so many expansion packs, it gets difficult to keep track of all the cards. As long as you have at least one expansion pack, you are guaranteed to find at least one card you have not seen before. No matter how many times you have played in the past.

Well all, I am off to sleep with smiles and laughs in my heart. Everyone have a wonderful night/day. Maybe tomorrow I will write you a small story.

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MegL wrote on July 16, 2016, 5:36 AM

I have heard of those cards but didn't realise it was such a deep and dark game! emoticon :tongue:

lookatdesktop wrote on July 16, 2016, 11:41 AM

This is the first time I heard about that game. I will do some research on it. Thanks.