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Racial Killings: An Attack on The Black Race

There were two tragic deaths this week in America. Two black men killed by police officers. the first one was Alton Sterling in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He was selling CD's and the cops shot and killed him. And the second one was Philando Castile who was heading home with his girlfriend and daughter when the were pulled over by police in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, over a busted taillight. He was killed instantly while trying to get his information out of his back pants pocket. Plus he was carrying a concealed weapon on him and the whole incident was caught on video by his girlfriend, Diamond Reynolds. and it was right in front of his girlfriend and her daughter. These police officers need to be held accountable for shooting and killing innocent black men and women and destroying families in the process. These men who work in this profession should be removed from their jobs for they have some mental issues. These two deaths of these black men were totally uncalled for! These two deaths were racially motivated and president Barack Obama is calling for a federal investigation in these senseless killings by the hands of the police. Now you have two families who have just lost loved ones and they're never ever coming back! The police is suppose to serve and protect the people of our major metropolitan cities in America, not the other way around! Even celebrities like Beyonce and Drake are speaking out on this matter. No money or anything will ever replace these two lives lost in two senseless shootings. We're suppose to help one another, not on each other. Now, nobody wants to trust the police anymore because they could en up get killed by them. Until this mess get it's act together, we will never trust law enforcement. We, black folks are people too. Police officers, you have been warned! We will rise up and we will win this war. You can't stop us with a bullet. You gonna have to bring the National Guard in and stop us! Because we're gonna take you down!!! And that's a fact!

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MegL wrote on July 8, 2016, 10:41 AM

There is too much of this altogether.