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I just got a new Plugin for Word Press

One of the software gurus I follow offered a new plugin this weekend with a 50% off voucher. One of the items was a plugin that creates social quizzes.

Social Quizzes?

Yes, you know the ones, especially on Facebook, they ask you your favorite color, which animal you like best from a series presented to you, or which style of car you prefer and then they caculate your IQ or something similar, giving you a whole paragraph of glowing attributes you possess. emoticon :grin:

I Have Wanted One For a Long Time

And there was an offer made today. I just had to go and buy it and try it out.

BUT - I couldn't Think Of Any Questions! emoticon :grin:

It's fun taking those quizzes and the plugin was simple to use and operate but in order to present a quiz, you have to have questions to ask. So I asked a few people on FB and got "favorite wine", favorite means of transport", favorite sport / drink" etc. You get the idea.

You Need a Number of Questions To Make A Quiz

You don't need them to make the software operate but most quizzes have half a dozen questions, multiple choice text or pictures.

It was Great Fun

I put it up on a testing site I have, just for trying things out. You can't see it just by visiting the site, it is normally hidden, so you can post them on social media.

Here's my First One Have a go if you want. I will need to rejig the points awarded for each question and think about what "results" to provide but it's certainnly fun to create these.

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AdGoggleKo wrote on September 9, 2016, 4:15 AM

Will check it out :)

MegL wrote on September 9, 2016, 7:10 AM

Thanks, hope you find it fun. I have thought of a couple to create but have been too busy to put them up!