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My Thoughts on The Orlando Mass Shooting

It's the day after the horrible massacre at a Gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida. Everyone was incomplete disbelief on what had happened on that fateful night of June 11th, 2016. If Omar Mateen planed this shooting of the 50 people in that club, he'd probably did something earlier before hand. He was at that club way before he decided to take out a certain kind of group, the LGBT crowd. Mateen hated people for who they are. The people that he hated are gay, lesbian, transgender, Jews, blacks, Muslums, women, Asians and the list goes on. This man was married twice in his life. Omar Mateen was a racist biggot that had no respect for people at all. This man was a monster. Whatever set this man off we'll never know. All 103 persons were LGBT. They didn't had to die like this. They were human beings just like the rest of us. As for me, I don't discriminate on any race creed, sexual orientation, gender or color. So, if you got a problem with a person who is different than you are, then it's you own fault! Because these people do things you and I do, even better. And to make it more simple for you, why don't you check yourself in the mirror for one in your life and see who you really are in your life. Then you'll see how you can do to make a change in your life. They are what they are and there's nothing in the world that you can change them. Remember, everyone is different. So, don't go pulling a gun on somebody, just because that that person is different, especially if it's a woman! Because we all came from a woman through sexual intercourse from a man. And if didn't understand all of that, then that's too bad for you. Welcome to the human race, my man! Where people can make choices for themselves without people like you telling them who to be! Those 50 people have families that they'll never see them again. And those 53 people that are lucky to be alive. Some will see their loved ones and some that will not for a while because they have to get well to be around. Let's try to get along with one another. Because life is too short for all this hatred and killing Let us mourn our losses and let's get on with our lives and stop killing each other. Because life as we know it is way too precious to destroy. Believe that!

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MegL wrote on June 15, 2016, 4:30 AM

Yes, we must all accept people for who they are. None of us has the right to judge another for their lifestyle and beliefs, providing they are not hurting anyone else.