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Will Persona Survive

Many sights have come before person paper such as bubblews which managed to pay many of its writers only to leave everyone counting their losses.There is a saying that "If you are not experienced don't tease a losing boxer for you know not what weight of the winners blow" You see, very often we are quick to judge and think the business environment is as simple as we think.

Will personna paper succeed or become like bubblews in terms of winding up? It is currently showing signs of finding the exit but as to whether all will agree with me is another issue. The owners must begin to ask the tough questions and find answers to them. This is the time to think strategically and re-position the site. This is the time for a transformational change or death. Its a time to identify some unique core competence or create a new one for the site.

The fact is simple, if you cannot pay your writers and give them reasons to feel you are not capable, you will soon be neglected and before you realize that the writers on your site are a valuable asset, they would be gone for ever. I do not regret busyblinks site at all. I no many of you here feel the same as I do but will not comment. Can you imagine what reducing earnings to $2.00 as how much one should earn to be paid will do to this site rather than having to wait the whole of your life before earning $20.00.

This is the time for Personna paper to look at the strategic clock and choose a No frills strategy. Act now. Free consultation.

Written by Wisdom

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MegL wrote on June 7, 2016, 3:07 AM

Personapaper was honest with the users. It told them it was no longer able to pay and why and paid out as much as it could to those with the highest earnings. Those who write on here at the moment know that they are not earning any money but do so because they liked the format and the friendship. Some may hope that PP can be resurrected but at the moment, the site is apparently earning enough to cover its hosting costs, which keeps it up and running for those who choose to spend some time here.

I am not sure what you mean by "do not regret busyblinks site" - has it stopped paying too? I visited your link but got 2 pop ups, so couldn't look around the site to see if it had a problem.

lookatdesktop wrote on June 13, 2016, 6:22 PM

This site is maintaining itself on the bare bones. It can not pay anyone, yet it does still provide a platform for writers. I have managed to continue writing articles since last December when payments stopped. Now that hardly anybody writes here at all, it would seem to indicate that, either they have found a site that provides some earnings and/or they have left this site because they feel there is no future in this site and that it will likely close due to lack of activity. But MegL and I have tried so hard to keep posting while at the same time writing elsewhere to keep up the pace at sites that are still paying, it is a noble effort by anyone to write for any site that simply doesn't pay because it can not pay. Most sites that lose significant revenue due to lack of membership and lack of ad revenue usually just close and leave the writers hanging, empty handed. This site gave notice ahead of time, and told the writers they could withdraw their articles. The site as it stands could potentially be a foundation for a new effort and then become once more a writer's asset. But I still patiently wait for further signs, that have not yet been posted on the site to say one way or the other which way the winds of change will blow.

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