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Why my bank isn's moving?

I have already written a few articles but my bank is the same as before writing those new articles. I really don't know why. I have written those articles a few weeks ago and the ammount of money is the same as before. I really don't know if it's my fault or maybe there is something wrong with my bank. When i was used to write an article almost every day i could see the bank moving, but now it's stuck in the same ammount of coins and money. What should i do? i think that it could be my fault but i don't know what to do, i think that i'm doing the same things that i did months ago, when i wrote my first article, i really don't know. Maybe i should send a mail to the support in order to solve this problem.

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MegL wrote on June 5, 2016, 6:23 AM

Try reading elitecodex 's post on the front page. Personapaper has stopped paying "coins"

AliCanary wrote on June 5, 2016, 7:06 PM

The website doesn't currently pay anything. You can write and comment if you like, but everything is free. They might pay again in the future.

DWDavisRSL wrote on June 5, 2016, 9:57 PM

As the other comments have indicated, this site no longer pays for content. It hasn't for some time now. Your bank can only move in one direction, down, if you delete posts.

AdGoggleKo wrote on June 16, 2016, 6:45 AM

Sorry, the site stopped paying. But some are still writing here for the love of writing.