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No Hiding Place? Yes, for the Tiny Terror

There used to be a TV show in the UK called "No Hiding Place", a weekly crime series. The Tiny Terror's ability to hide reminded me of this title.

Can Open The Door

The Tiny Terror can open the door out into the hall and stairs now, so her mother keeps the front door locked so that she cannot get out onto the street and road. The two girls have a large area of downstairs they can roam as three rooms have been knocked into one and the front room has the computer screen with their favourite programs. Golden Cuddles likes watching the programs but the Tiny Terror gets bored and wants to find something else to do.

No Sign of Her

Their mother popped up to the toilet one morning and when she came down, there was no sign of the Tiny Terror. The door was still shut so she knew she had to be somewhere downstairs but where? She is very slim and petite so she can get into very tiny places. This first time, her mother found her because the tiny terror giggled, watching her mother search for her - she was behind an easy chair that you wouldn't think a mouse could squeeze behind!

Window Seat

Another time she hid under the window seat and pulled all the soft toys over herself, so she couldn't be seen. Golden Cuddles loves building dens, as her mother did, with blankets and chairs and bits of furniture and the Tiny Terror will hide away in these too.

My Worst Nightmare

Their garden is on a lower level than the main part of the house and you have to go down steps to get to it. The parents have built a shed under the steps but it's not finished yet and one of the supports is very close to a wall but not blocked off. there is just sufficient space for the Tiny terror to squeeze into this under steps space but any adult has to go through another entrance and climb over junk. When I have them in the garden, I keep a close eye on her to make sure she doesn't go near that space because it would take me a couple of minutes to get to her and she doesn't need that amount of time to get up to mischief!

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lookatdesktop wrote on May 9, 2016, 4:37 PM

I see her peeking out from under that orange blanket.

BarbRad wrote on May 10, 2016, 2:31 AM

I love the photo.

LisaSteinmetz wrote on May 10, 2016, 6:52 PM

My mums cat used to hide and when you walked by she would pounce your feet. By hiding I mean she used to crouch down behind something, even if it was a piece of clothing on the floor, and then leap. You could obviously see her, but as far as she was concerned she was a ninja kitty. lol

bleekley wrote on May 12, 2016, 10:48 PM

My wife and I have had tiny terror kittens over the years, too. They keep life interesting. One we had delighted in pushing things off of tables, desks, shelves, and counters.