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Tiny Terror Trapped

The Tiny Terror

She is at the "Terrible Twos" stage and if you read my last article on her , you will know that she likes spreading milk around until the place is swimming in it! And in the comments below the article, I wrote about her climbing onto and tilting the table - I STILL have a faint bruise from that!


Yesterday, she got trapped. Not her whole body but her hand and wrist. In our house, we have a wooden farm set bought for our oldest granddaughter, now nine, who is too old for it but it's well made and is being enjoyed by the younger ones now. There are several wooden buildings, including a barn, a stable and a hen house. Each building has doors and windows. She put her hand in the door of the hen house and then out through a window on the adjacent side but couldn't get it back.

I was right beside her and couldn't get her hand back out! As the building was wooden, it was screwed together, unlike a plastic toy that I would have had to cut. Rather than carry her to the tools, I sent her 4 year old sister to fetch granddad and to tell him I needed him right away, as I didn't want to leave the tiny terror alone.

Good message carrier

The four year old was able to explain to granddad and he brought a star screwdriver to release her.

Never Cried

The tiny terror never cried, just waited for her hand to be released.

Sleep tonight

Her parents wanted a night out tonight, so I put her to bed. She had her bottle and I still don't know how she managed to pour it down my front!

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lookatdesktop wrote on April 29, 2016, 6:43 PM

I bet that was pretty alarming to both you and the two year old. Glad she is okay. Looks like Grandpa saved the day!