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Do not be-leave everything you read!

Hi All...I have not been on here for awhile,been busy with life! I am trying to get better at writing and visiting this site.Anyway I was so upset at myself I lead myself to be-leave that a natural cure for my dog( shadow) would cure her.Shadow had a bad ear infection I read on the internet that vinegar and water would cure a ear infection.I did what the article said to do The article even had the recipe. shadow got worse.I took her to the vet. Then the vet acted like I was a bad owner My poor dog had to take 4 different kind of pills and ear drops..It took three days for her to get better..Never be-leave everything you read or for that matter hear!!

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MegL wrote on April 27, 2016, 6:35 AM

My husband had an ear infection and the pharmacist recommended a particular over the counter medication. It was mostly vinegar and it cured his problem. Different infections need different treatments but you are quite right, do not believe everything you read on the net.