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Newly planted sods of St. Augustine grass last month remain brown and appear to be dormant.

I was pulling weeds from around a shrub after having watered our front lawn.

It was apparent that the grass that was placed down on new soil a month ago remains dead in appearance.

I do expect I can buy new sod later in spring when I have enough money to do it. But should I get the contractor to replace it since we paid for this service as part of his proposal to repair damages caused by a drunken truck driver who plowed into the house a month or so ago?

I noticed that I had a wide variety of wild weeds in the lawn. Due in large part from years previous of placing wild birdseed out for the blue jays, grackles, red birds, mocking birds, robins, sparrows and occasional squirrel, that seem to like eating the sunflower seeds.

The one branch that remains on the Elberta peach tree that had it's other limbs damaged by an ice storm just a few years back, unlike this winter where it seemed we were having an Hawaiian winter. The pink blossoms were very plentiful. So I have a mind to plant another few Elberta peach trees or Georgia peach trees this summer. My lemon tree has sprouted new leaves and is not occupying our front porch. I really don't expect a cold snap from now until March 20, the first day of spring for the Northern hemisphere.

Hope the grass turns green. The good news is, tomorrow at 9 AM, the contractor will be here with the new window. Hopefully he will not charge extra, that is, beyond his initial proposal estimate. Because we only have 1,575.00 left to pay him. He already got paid the first 50% a month ago when he began his work.

The insurance company took several weeks to provide us the heads up and sent us the check for 3,150.00 total.

Seems a bit steep just to get some dirt and brown grass and replace one window. But if he does this and don't stick us with any additional costs I will relieved so we can move on with our lives. This has been the single most stressful thing we both have dealt with since the night our house was hit by that truck.

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MegL wrote on March 5, 2016, 3:23 AM

He should replace the grass. That was ridiculous.