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Managing A Tooth Abscess

Update On The Tooth Abscess

In my previous article on the abscess , I told you I was on two different antibiotics. I have taken those faithfully for four days now and just starting into day 5. There has been a lot of progress and a great reduction in pain but I still cannot fully open my mouth.

When You Can't Open Your Mouth

Now some people might say that's a good thing but I don't have to open it that far to be able to talk! It's eating food that is the problem, though in fact it's helpful in some ways because it means I slow down on the eating, which is good for digestion and for eating less. With the abscess, I have not had much of an appetite, which is unusual for me but in case anyone else can't open their mouths to eat or finds chewing difficult, here are some easy to eat foods.

Mashed Banana

This was a childhood breakfast and a favourite, especially mashed with a little olive oil. At present, even though it is roughly mashed, I find I have to "mouth" it into my mouth! I was going to say "bucchal cavity" but I am not sure that give the same impression! This means I had to practically suck it in. Hope that's not TMI. Scrambled egg, baked Beans, mashed vegetables and soup are all good foods too and have been easy to eat.

NOT Meat

I have found that meat, even chicken was hard to manage but fish was fine. We had sardines for lunch yesterday but I always eat them with toast. The toast was hard to deal with.


So things are improving but not fully healed yet. That was this morning's update.

Getting worse

Now, by this evening, I have a feeling things are not progressing quite as well. emoticon :sad: I have a feeling that the infection is moving along a bit. I hope not. While I have not taken antibiotics for years, many other people have and the bacteria I have MAY be resistant to the antibiotics I am on.

Official Advice

I looked up the official advice from the NHS and found that my abscess must have seemed worse to the dentist than I thought, as she gave me the treatment recommended for a "severe" infection!


  1. I have found warm salt water rinses to be very helpful.
  2. Sitting up is also an easier way for sleeping. Lying down made it more painful.
  3. It is winter here. I have covered my mouth and face with a scarf when going out, to keep the cold out.

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CoralLevang wrote on February 13, 2016, 1:18 PM

Get back into the emergency dentist. This many days on antibiotics it should be progressed better then what you're sharing

MegL wrote on February 13, 2016, 1:27 PM

No, not really. I was surprised it didn't appear to get better immediately but the NHS site, said it would take 24 to 48 hours for sufficient antibiotic to get into the bloodstream to affect the infection. The recommended management is draining it. They only prescribe antibiotics if it's serious. But the bacteria may be getting resistant. I have another appointment with the dentist for next week. The tooth feels better and I am hopeful I won't need to have it pulled.

VinceSummers wrote on February 13, 2016, 5:02 PM

Ouch. I can't imagine. I'll bet you can't wait to be able to dig into something you want.

Gossamer wrote on February 13, 2016, 6:17 PM

Sounds like a lot of fun!