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Posting a Toast

I was going to post something about television, when I saw the message that PersonaPaper might be shutting down due to loss of ad revenue. It's so unfortunate.

I came here from Bubblews on the advice of my good friend Ruby3881 hoping to find a better community and at least gain a few extra dollars. The money never happened but this wasn't about the money, it was about finding a place where I could be myself and not have to worry about the politics and radicalism that I've seen on many other sites. In fact it was extreme right-wing rhetoric that chased me off of Blogster.

So I'd like to thank all those who read and commented on my posts. You're great people and I hope to be able to reconnect with you elsewhere. Of particular mention are lexiconlover CoralLevang DWDavisRSL AliCanary and LeaPea2417 I might still pop up here from time to time but maybe I'll also check out the MyLot place that people have been talking about.

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MegL wrote on February 11, 2016, 5:05 PM

I had to look up the abbreviations you posted but I would like to wish LLAP and MTFBWY back to you too.