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Coloring Books for Adults is the Latest Trend in the U.S.

Do you color to relieve stress? Millions of americans have jumped on the coloring books for adults bandwagon and the "boom" in sales shows it. Coloring has also become a social activity for adults who gather together in public libraries and private homes to color together as a way to relax and relieve stress.

The coloring book trend has become impossible to escape. Libraries in New York have shelves full of coloring books for adults with themes such as city landscapes, butterflies and flowers, "enchanted forest," "secret gardens," and more. There are even biblical themed coloring books.

Amazon also offers a wide range of coloring books for adults including nine books that have made it to the top 20 best-selling list.

On Facebook and Pinterest, many artists are posting their creations. Some are sharing blank pages they have created for others to use and others are showing off how they colored the pages.

"Coloring is a form of relaxation," explained Linda Turner, an art therapist from Manhattan. "It allows individuals a way to express creativity without risks."

"While children are free to experiment, most adults do not feel comfortable expressing their creativity. These coloring books for adults are sophisticated. [Those who use adult coloring books] do not feel ridiculous and are allowed to create while living in the moment," commented Turner.

This is not the first time that coloring books for adults have been made. The first coloring book for adults was called "The Executive Coloring Book" and was published in 1961. Titles like "The John Birch Society Coloring Book" followed soon after.

What do you think about coloring books for adults? Is it interesting or childish? Do you have a coloring book?

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Nezzyknowzzz666 wrote on April 1, 2016, 10:53 PM

i like adult coloring books than again i think a lot of people should just use energy into drawing their own art!! Regardless of how good you can color that doesn't make a artist !! So when i see people posting thier colored in shading in adult coloring books and pretending their real artists cracks me up! 50 percent of being a artist is being able to know how to draw clean lines and having good idea how to use your basic shapes!