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"The 15th Floor" (A Dream I Had)

Last night I dreamed that I was in a building and I was just about to get on the elevator to go up to the 15th floor. But there was another person, a younger male, who was about to get on the elevator as well. I became a little concerned about riding the elevator with this stranger, but I got on it anyway.

When the doors opened, he and I walked in and he pushed the button for the 17th floor. Then when I realized that I had been so concerned about being in the elevator with a stranger that I had forgotten to push the number 15 button, I hurriedly pushed it. But the elevator didn't stop on my floor. It went on to the 17th floor and the man got off of it.

I then realized that I would have to catch another elevator back down to my floor. But I got back on the same one and when I looked for the number 15 button I couldn't find it at first. Then when I finally found it, I pushed it again. But it didn't stop on the 15th floor this time either. Instead it stopped on the 1st floor.

I didn't understand why I could never make it to the 15th floor.

Are there any dream interpreters out there?

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