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Thank God it's Friday

The headline pretty much says it all folks. Thank God it's Friday!

Wow what a long week I've had. Not only have I been covering the Oregon Standoff, we had a major storm completely miss us in this part of New York while NYC, PA, NJ, MD all got hit hard even the Carolina's got hit!

We have yet to see winter grace us and we are just days away from February! I remember as a kid when we had Christmas vacation, we were playing in the snow. Not my girls, not a single flake over what is now called "winter break". Where was the winter! If winter is going to hit us I have a feeling it's going to be late! The other day something really freaky happened.

My girls rushed in calling me, "Mom, mom come look at the birds!" It was like one of those disaster movies where the animals all start acting weird. There were like four flocks of crows swarming the sky over our house..flying this way and that. I got a video of it so I'm going to load it to You Tube. I'm going to try and do that today. But this is January, we usually see one or two crows around at this time with a ton of seagulls from the eastern shore that come inland. This year it's the opposite one or two seagulls with a ton of crows.

The picture I shared today is my daughter's cat. He's like "dead to the world" just how I'm feeling about now after covering Donald Trump's Iowa event for vets. last night. I was covering everything LIVE on twitter all day yesterday. Everything was exploding across social media because Donald Trump said NO to doing the GOPDebate, then there was news Gov. Huckabee and Santorum was going to join him at the event. A bit of double dipping if you ask me on their part, but it was a good cause so I was gentle on them.

Though I did ask the question of my follower... If Huckabee and Santorum were going to the GOPDebate and Trump4Vets events how will they act as president? Will they promise the people one thing while makes plans behind our backs as they did with the GOPDebate? Are they warming up to Trump looking for the VP seat? Thoughts?

Where am I going with all this.. wow long week! I put out another wine and spirits article, plus started a fitness blog sharing my secrets with everyone how I stay fit and healthy. I think I lose calories just working, what do you think?

The blog is more of a fun sharing blog for me. I live a very active lifestyle so I wanted to share with others how easy it is to do everyday things and lose weight, stay fit, live a healthy lifestyle. It also give me a chance to do more things like biking videos, take more photos and socialize with my readers. And that's really my goal this year. I want to broaden my writing canvas and connect more with my readers, those I network with, and really challenge myself and my followers to interact no matter whether it is on Facebook, Persona Paper, Twitter, INFORMED, G+ gosh I can't even think of them all.

But that's my week. How was your week?

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markgraham wrote on January 29, 2016, 12:50 PM

For you it was a long week and your weeks will get longer as the this election year continues. Looking forward to more articles from you and your ideas on everyday fitness.

Wendy_Spickerman wrote on January 29, 2016, 1:03 PM

I just went and set my pedometer back to 0. With a week of possible temperatures in the 40's and even getting close to 50, I'm looking forward to my therapeutic walks. Plus, I'm getting a new bike this year. I have to be careful with my leg injury with doing things such as squats, but I started out this past week with 20 squats in the morning and then another 20 at night. if my leg holds up I'll move it to 25 each and then add light weight to build tone and definition. Once a week to start than after the third week I'll move it up to twice a week.

DWDavisRSL wrote on January 30, 2016, 9:12 AM

I am not a fan of The Donald and don't like the way he hid behind Veteran's so that he wouldn't have to face Megan Kelly. If the man doesn't have the fortitude to stand up to a reporter, how will he stand up to heads of belligerent foreign powers.

A friend of mine who also teaches Social Studies commented the other day that Trump behaves much like Benito Mussolini did back in the 1930s, the same arrogance and egotistical rhetoric, and making a lot of the same type of promises.

For a glimpse into my week, I just posted about it here

Rufuszen wrote on January 31, 2016, 2:56 PM

I know how that moggie feels! Nothing like a little nap after some effort