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Good night from California, Persona Paperers ! Wednesday 1-27-16

Hello, all !

It's ten thirty four p.m. by my computer clock, and I need to get to bed, but I wanted to say good night first. ;)

Tomorrow is Thursday, and the last day I'll work at the preschool from eleven to four thirty for a while (though next time I work there, my schedule may be different).

I'll be glad to have some more time at home to get things done around the house, like pulling all those weeds out front !

Angel is in here asleep on the floor, so I guess that I have my bed to myself for the time being. ;)

I will probably at least get to say "good morning" to everyone tomorrow, but I probably (maybe?) won't get to post much else.

Good night from California, and have a great night/morning/afternoon/etc. in your part of Persona Paper land !

Image Credit » One of my cross stitch projects, photo taken by me

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