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Earn 14 points

I was having lunch across a gasoline station which banners “Earn 14 points” as a come-on for their value card.

Ha, that’s how it always starts, a bait, a good marketing tool, and you’re hooked.

Just like owning a credit card, they make it easy for you at the start. Rewards points, freebies, and discounts, it’s convenient, and it makes you feel rich. But it’s damn fu@#$@ hell, unless you have strong discipline. I have had my share of demand letters from legal department when I defaulted.

Guess that’s how all addiction starts; you have to be introduced gently, the buy-in should be seamless and smooth; just like a frog being cooked very slowly, you won’t realize that you’re way too engaged, until it’s too late.

My elephant’s smiling right now. “At least there is no story about elephants getting cooked slowly”, he said.

“Wait till I write the story about huge elephants, getting eaten, one small piece at a time, in another post”, I countered.

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