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How to Use Twitter to Gain More Periscope Followers

Periscope is a live broadcasting (streaming) app that allows anyone with a compatible phone to broadcast almost anything at any time. Each broadcast is saved for just 24 hours unless the user decides to download and upload their broadcast some place else or uses another video catching website like

Periscope was created by the same people who run twitter so the app is pretty much integrated with twitter. However, even though the app is integrated with twitter, you might not have heard about it. Many twitter users have no idea that Periscope even exists. Building up a Periscope following is not as simple as tweeting a link to your followers though that is something you should do.

One of the easiest tricks you can do to increase your viewer and potential follower count is to use relevant hashtags in your title and tweet your broadcast out. While you cannot search for topics or hashtags on Periscope, if you send out a tweet about your broadcast, people can find your stream through hashtags on twitter. The hashtags in your Periscope title become links on twitter.

This is why it is important to tweet out your Periscope broadcast on twitter, and Periscope makes this easy thanks to its twitter integration. Before starting your broadcast, just click the little bird icon and a tweet will be sent out automatically with your title. Make sure your title is not too long for twitter and only use a few relevant hashtags.

Another simple tip is to use keywords in your title. No one is going to click on a stream titled “Untitled”. However, a video called “5 Tips to Lose Weight & Burn Fat ” is a good title because it clearly states what the broadcast is about and uses relevant keywords and hashtags to allow users interested in those topics to find your broadcast easily.

Just like hashtags, your title can include the “@” symbol allowing you to directly tweet to another twitter user. This feature can be used to promote someone else, to promote yourself, promote your brand or to get someone’s attention directly.

The best way to gain and keep followers is to interact with them. Do not just chat with your followers while broadcasting. Take some time to respond to tweets on twitter, and like or reblog some tweets by your followers. This shows your followers and new viewers that you enjoy interacting with your audience and makes you look more approachable. This is a great image to have especially if you are trying to sell a product, service or brand.

Followers who feel like they are a part of the broadcast are also more likely to tweet out and share your broadcast with their followers leading to more exposure for you.

Do you use Periscope? Leave a comment with any other helpful Periscope tips below if you got any!

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HappyLady wrote on January 26, 2016, 12:26 PM

I have never heard of this, but I am going to investigate, I think as I can think of some uses for it.