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I was reading again my new "bible", when I did a double take and re-read the word "mind-made". I have read the book a couple of times and I must admit that I was terribly missing out on a new word, until last night.

Must have been reading it and glossing at it with the word "man-made". I always do that when I speed read: my eyes race and my mind registers similar but are actually completely different words.

A counter intuitive advice is what I remember: When you have tons to read, you don't speed up, you need to slow down, and be embraced by the power of words.

[In life, I guess we always do that. With our blinders on, we usually look through and not look at more important persons and events. But hey...that could well be for another post.]

Over the decades the buzzword "man-made" had gained traction because we are just learning, albeit very slowly, that almost all problems in the world are manmade: pollution, poverty, climate change, etc. In the world of environment, politics, economy and health, development wise and collectively, humankind gained a headway, but the headaches we caused ourselves are not migraines but potentially deadly aneurysms.

But I guess, individually, there needs to be traction for the word "mind-made" because all ideas come from the mind. Problems (and solutions) are borne out of our own genius. The hope is that everyone would be made aware of thinking (and creating) that is for the good of all.

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