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Neopets "The Coincidence" 01/24/2016

Sometimes the weekends are cruel on Neopians, especially those looking for quick and relatively cheap ways to boost their pets levels. If that's one of your favorite ways to go about it then chances are you know that there are usually carry-over days meaning there's a repetition to what is being asked for. Right now it is the same as Saturdays list however some people are being asked for the Darigan Faellie Action Figure instead of the Rocky Ocean Background. The prices on all four of the items have gone up; I sold a ton yesterday and restocked once this morning only to see the stock disappear in about thirty minutes (100 of each item).

Rocky Ocean Background x3
Ultra Bubble Beam x2
Rotten Beetroot x1

Result : A fog cloud swirls past you. Was that Corbin and Kell inside? They appear to be having a tea party with a monster.

One of the coolest things about this site event is that it is easy to make a fast profit without having a guilty conscious. How? Buy low, sell reasonable. Right now the Rocky Ocean Background is going to 800NP, that's a far cry from the price that I bought them at (about one point a piece). I started selling them for 350NP and bumped the price up to 500NP and they still sold fast.

This is where resellers come in to play. They buy items in bulk and jack up the price; 99 times out of 100 it backfires on them because it is a temporary inflation and when the item list changes they are stuck with a ton of useless inventory until the items are asked for again and by that time everyone else has (hopefully) bought them on the cheap.

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