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Neopets Battledome: PoisonGirl_666 vs. The Mummy

One of the main reasons I go to the Battledome isn't to fight challengers or even to do the one-on-one battles, I go to try and win Codestones. It is rare that I do the battles and don't end up with one or two of them in my Inventory but today was one of those days. Even though I ended up getting through all of the fights without losing HP / Health, I didn't get any Codestones.

Active Pet: PoisonGirl_666
Arena: Rattling Cauldron
Opponent : Mummy
Fight Level: Medium - Hard

Weapons Used: Golden Compass, Amulet of Inevitable Betrayal, Honey Potion, Staff of Impenetrable Gloom, Dr. Sloths Personal Bath Buddy, Scroll of Knowledge, Ridiculously Heavy Battle Hammer, Bleached Bone Staff. I missed my chance to pick up a weapon in the Hidden Tower when there was a 3% discount. The third Wednesday of every month there is a discount if you have an aged account (over 60 months old).

Abilities Used: Shroud, Lens Flare, Drain Life, Cranky, Icicle, Warlock's Rage

Prizes: Wormy Pasta, Roasted Spyder on a Stick, Festering Coffee, Undead Celery, Ghost Wrap, Box of Skull Truffles, Bri Codestone, Tablet of The Mummy, Slime Soup, Bone Dog, Brain Stew, Ghastly Stew, Weak Bottled Fire Faerie, Spider Licorice, Zombie Marshmallows. That was the first time in a long time that I didn't end up with duplicates of prizes .

The Battledome :

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