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PICTURE CREDIT: My personal album(daughter)

Children of today can never be compared to our time when we were little like them in many ways. Generations of humans have evolved even in much respect. One of these is in the area fashion. Children of today are caught up in the world of fashion and would like to be identified as such. They prefer one hair style to the other, they love a certain brand of cloths and not the other, they love to wear spectacles and look smart. They make choices when you take them to the clothing shop. They prefer something else to what you think would fit them.
Even toddlers and babies have become fashionable in every respect. My little girls loves to wear spectacles and would prefer to choose the dress to wear when we want to go to the mall, church and other places of interest.

No wonder to day’s world is flooded with all kinds of fashionable clothing for people of all ages including children.

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sunny2014 wrote on June 13, 2014, 9:39 AM

nice post picture is nice and good