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Neopets Battledome: PoisonGirl_666 vs. Meuka

Meuka is a rather disgusting ball of snot but there are some very cool exclusive prizes that you can win if you are brave enough to face off against him. Even though he is a Snot Meerca, he's carved out his own niche at the site. Once you have beat him in the Battledome you can go head to head against him in a couple of games of Snot Splatter.

Active Pet : PoisonGirl_666
Arena : Rattling Cauldron
Opponent : Meuka
Fight Level : Medium

Weapons Used : Bleached Bone Staff, Golden Compass, Amulet of Inevitable Betrayal, Honey Potion, Scroll of Knowledge, Ridiculously Heavy Battle Hammer, Staff of Impenetrable Gloom, Dr. Sloths Personal Bath Buddy

Abilities Used : Warlock's Rage, Shroud, Lens Flare, Drain Life, Cranky, Icicle

Prizes : Weak Bottled Light Faerie, Eliv Thade Wrap, Lu Codestone, Unidentifiable Weak Bottled Faerie, Lime Meerca Gobstopper, Pumpkin Slice, Lime Meerca Gobstopper, Zombie Marshmallows, Orn Codestone, Eliv Thade Wrap, Weak Bottled Fire Faerie, Weak Bottled Light Faerie, Weak Bottled Light Faerie, Ghost Wrap, Vo Codestone

I am going to keep battling Meuka even though it takes longer to get through the battles; I have had relatively good luck with the prizes and hopefully I can pinpoint exactly when I need to be there to get the most red Codestones. The Meuka exclusive prizes include: Lime Meerca Gobstopper, Pack Of Snot-Flavoured Gum and Snot My Fault (Book)

The Battledome :

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