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Gratitude Challenge Day #628

Welp, it's time for the next day Gratitude Challenge. This is supposed to be the challenge for January 13th, but it's slightly after midnight...but oh well haha. Anywho, here are the things I am grateful for today....

1. Sooo, work was a little slow on Textbroker, so I grabbed an assignment and checked Zerys, where I found several more assignments. This is why you should always join more than one writing/content website. Anyways, I have two more assignments to do, and then I will have met my daily goal, and I'll call it a night.

2. My Mom gave me an Amazon gift card as my late birthday gift, and I already had one that I had ordered from Swagbucks. I did have to put out a little of my own money (less than $20), but I ordered the new black Randy Orton "Venom In My Veins" hoodie and an AC Adapter cord for my laptop. The black covering on my cord is broken, so you can see a bit of the wire. It's working fine now, but I think getting a replacement was more than necessary. I should have the hoodie by this weekend, and the cord by next week, since both were available with Prime (the cord isn't in stock until January 18th). Thanks, Mommy! :)

3. American Horror Story: Hotel was on tonight. It was the season finale, so now I don't know what to do with my Wednesdays until season six lol. But it was a pretty good episode, and I did enjoy the season.

4. I had a really bad headache for a good part of the day, and I wasn't even able to start my work until after 5ish. I am grateful that the headache has gone away for the most part.

5. My best friend and I are going to the Washington Auto Show at the end of the month to meet Roman Reigns. That should be fun, especially since he is her favorite lol.

I lost my train of thought, otherwise this would have been posted before midnight lol. I'm going to go finish up these last two writing assignments and just go relax. You all have a good night, and remember that the weekend is right around the corner, and take care! :)

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