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Good Morning, Persona Paperers ! 1-8-15

Mom just left to go grocery shopping. She asked me to vacuum the living room sometime today.

I got up about an hour ago.

Today around noon (I thought it was eleven) we are going to get Frankie for the afternoon. My sister in law has to go and do something--not sure what or I just forgot what was said. ;)

I'll walk Angel provided it doesn't start pouring in rain.

Bible study ASAP.

I'm afraid that I probably won't get much if any more writing done than this. ;p Time has just been full of other things.

I hope that you're all well out there, and will have a great/awesome Friday morning/afternoon/evening in your part of Persona Paper land ! :D

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MegL wrote on January 8, 2016, 5:01 PM

I think you enjoy looking after Frankie? How old is he? Does Angel like him?