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The People's Choice Awards Crasher

Well..., it's happened again. Someone came on stage at an awards show and interrupted one of the winners while they were giving their acceptance speech. This time it was at the People's Choice Awards, and Sara Gilbert, whose daytime talk show called The Talk had won for best talk show, was right in the middle of giving her speech when a young man came from out of nowhere and grabbed the mic from her and introduced himself and tried to promote his new album by calling out the name of it.

I guess the controversial rapper Kanye West can be credited with starting this rude trend, being that in the past, he interrupted two award winners' speeches at two separate awards shows by jumping in front of them or taking the mic from them and giving his own speech.

The crasher at the People's Choice Awards was booted off the stage (literally by Sharon Osbourne) and was later arrested according to some news reports. But just like Kanye, he'll probably crash at least one more awards show in the future.

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LeaPea2417 wrote on January 7, 2016, 2:56 PM

That is the tackiest thing! How rude and revolting! I am glad that punk was arrested!