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Christmas Holidays Are On Their Way

So I finally got my Christmas tree up and what a rush it has been. I have been uploading photos to a social site as well as another blog site company that I joined a few weeks ago. I reckoned that if I am stuck in over the winter due to bad weather I can blog post to my hearts content.

You might notice from the last post that I wrote where I was particularly busy with orchestra rehearsals, choir and other musical things going on. Well, it has just been marvellous and I'm thankful that other people have also benefitted from the Christmas cheer. I won't be finished however until well after the 25th of December but I'm pleased that I have managed at last to get around to decorate my home!

I started with the easiest first - Christmas decorations for my side board in my hall way. As you can see there are plenty of Chinese produced fake Ice looking monuments, but some are older than they look. My favourite Icicle tree is at least ten years old followed by the smaller icicle tree on the right hand side. Both are as old as each other, both take batteries for a multicolour display and unlike the Snowman which I bought this year, both lack the dangerous water content that I have never felt all that comfortable with, anyway!

Dotted around the apparent white, silver and grey look there are also highlights via Yankee Candle pieces that I bought years ago. From happy little penguins holding boxes in which a tealight candle holder has been bonded to them to Yankee Candle plinths with a fireplace and a quaint little family of mice dotted on the perimeter; the Americans sure know how to do Christmas, even if this location is in Scotland, UK!

The sideboard is topped off with a silver runner cloth I bought last year from my local Tesco supermarket as well as a beautiful Gisela Graham style border cloth with tassels. It all adds to a modern vintage look in my opinion. At the back there is a wonderful LED light fake Christmas green branch that can actually be hung up, but I prefer to lay it across my radiator which is switched off so that nothing catches fire or melts!

My own

"Minimal" is how best I can call my Christmas tree. It is a twenty year old fake tree with gold/yellow lights already stitched into the branches. Last year I had silver baubles hanging off the tree but this year I wanted gold to match the lights. Only a couple of decorations have been added to give a more streamlined effect but I also had some lovely Glass baubles that my late mother gave me one Christmas that I wanted to hang off the branches. Tree decorations after all are full of great memories, even if those who gift them may no longer be here.

My own

"Bambi In Lights," is next, or rather one of those moving poster cards with animals on it. I have had "Bambi" displayed the whole year around, not just for a Scottish theme to carry forth the idea that I love animals but in particular to carry forward the reindeer/Stag and associated families. Again the hanging branch with fake snow has been added here, again with stitched in white LED lights. As you can see when it is hung just in front of the glass, it creates a lovely mirrored effect as well as showing off the poster. Quite a talking point!

my own

LASTLY I have my kitchenette scene, though I am still thinking about this one where a "less is more" approach rather than too much. This is probably the last window I will get the opportunity to decorate as other windows just have glowing monuments or a small array of tinsel and cheer. The window sits right next to my dinner table, so it is always bright and cheery.

My own

So, where ever you are I hope you have a lovely Christmas! Thanks for reading. (c)Nar2Reviews2015.

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LeaPea2417 wrote on December 17, 2015, 12:29 PM

Those are lovely Christmas photos. The Christmas tree looks so nice. Finally, in the past couple of days, we got all our decorations up.

wolfgirl569 wrote on December 17, 2015, 1:56 PM

All of that is lovely. Glad you were finally able to decorate