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Gratitude Challenge Day #615

Hey there, everyone. I am finishing up my last few assignments and hitting the hay. I wanted to get the Gratitude Challenge posted before midnight though lol. Sooo, here are the things I am grateful for today….

1. There are several clients I enjoy writing for, and one is sort of winding down, which could be for the holidays. Another client has just added a couple thousand orders, so that should keep me busy throughout the rest of the week. :)

2. I couldn’t find my packet of Peppermint Hot Chocolate (from Starbucks), but my Mom finally found it.

3. AHS Hotel was on tonight, and it was a really good episode in my opinion.

4. Cursed is on, which works for me since I may be up for a little while longer. I like that movie.

5. I am almost finished with my work, and then I am going to get some shut eye. I’m getting tired anyways.

I am trying to decide what day I want to set aside my posting to get back to people; which could be Friday or some of Sunday. I am not 100% sure yet, but you guys know I fall behind sometimes, so I don’t think I am going to keep explaining myself. I know I don’t have to anyways, you all have always been patient with that, and I appreciate it. :)

Anywhooo, I’m going to wrap this up, finish up my work and catch some Z’s. You all have a good night -or morning- and take care. :)

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lookatdesktop wrote on December 17, 2015, 12:14 AM

My Z's have runway and left me behind. I just watched the movie Chappie with my wife. She and I liked this humorous and semi-violent sci-fi movie. Did your mom drink some of that Peppermint Hot Chocolate? I would have. lol.

Paulie wrote on December 17, 2015, 3:32 AM

When you say a couple thousand orders from a client, does that mean you have to write a couple of thousand of words?

MegL wrote on December 17, 2015, 6:21 AM

It's very useful to practice gratitude. My granddaughter yesterday took something for granted and I reminded her that it is useful to be grateful for what we have. She may not understand it fully yet but I hope a seed has been planted. An email I get from a blogger spoke about how his daughter (aged 11) was demanding a particular item for her upcoming birthday and how this was difficult to deal with. Gratitude is a very important value and the older i get, the more I appreciate it.

ViperGirl85 wrote on December 18, 2015, 10:53 PM

lookatdesktop - I never heard of Chappie, but I hope you enjoyed it. Nah, it was a single pack and she didn't want any. I kind of made it wrong anyways, too much water lol.

Paulie - Nah. The client will post the orders on the job board, which are usually no more than 150 words, and all the authors can take them (we can only do one at a time, to keep it fair). The clients posted thousands of these orders so there were plenty to choose from. emoticon :smile:
MegL - Oh definitely, and it's good to start teaching it when they're younger. I think we all have those moments of taking things for granted, but I do try to be grateful for the things... especially the little things, such as being able to watch a movie or whatnot.