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Tesla Motors Has Just Defeated Corporate Fat-Cat America

I'm stunned. Who knew they would do this? Not this! Tesla has just successfully destroyed the spirit of excessive greed in corporate fat-cat, profit-if-it-means-our-mother's-dignity America. Boy, would I love to be a fly on the wall in corporate boardrooms all over the country, right now!

W00t-W00t! (Said my nerd-dreaming-of-a-better-world-for-us-all heart as it pooped itself just the tiniest bit)

It's understandable how a company wants, needs and deserves their profit in return for their investment. I get that part, just fine.

But these last few decades, corporate America has gone more the way of cowardly protectionism via gun-backed government thuggery, as opposed to free-market competition and innovation. And I think Tesla Motors has had enough of all the little reindeer games.

All the tricks and traps designed to darken even the hearts of newborn babies everywhere are, as of now, one, great-big, beautiful, ginormous, moot freakin' point! I gotta admit, not only didn't I see this one coming, I'll offer my respect to the sheer, unmitigated gall of a move which steals the teeth right out of the mouths of those jackals who'd rather get more gold packed into their grubby little hands than let the rest of Humanity advance to the stars.


In your face, those of you who would cheat and lie to block up-and-coming competition, rather than put in the effort to improve and compete honorably!

The status-quo is dead. We'll hear the ragged noise of the death-rattle for a little bit more but, it's dead, just the same. Yeehaw. This is truly a turning point in Human history. It might not look like it right now but, it is. (It's also a beautiful payback for how the "Good Ol' Boy" network has treated Tesla Motors so horribly for so long.)

"What, exactly, is happening, LoudMan? ” you may ask - in spite of the fact I really can't hear anything in text. Well, I'll tell you! Tesla Motors has just given away all of their patents, to all of us! All. Of. Us. See for yourself. Read their post titled " All Our Patent Are Belong to You ."

And, just in case you're not familiar with Tesla Motors and why I'm cheering like a fan-boy right now - and why I think they are the future- give a read to theOatmeal . (Language warning for the “sensitive,” because I don't think Matthew knows what it means to worry about anyone lacking the ability to be anything other than "sensitive." No, really, I don't think he does, so, don't even bother complaining to him about it – about anything, in fact. Just stop, already! You're being such a wet blanket on creativity.)

Image credit: Mine. I made it. And, yes, you can steal it. (I'd be grateful for a link back and attribution, of course. But, even if you forget to credit me, I'm not worried. Far better to spread the message.)

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Anja wrote on June 12, 2014, 4:49 PM

The reason that Nikola Tesla was bad-mouthed and his electricity deemed dangerous was simply because he envisioned it all being free. This move honors the spirit of the man and brings his name back to the place of prominence in our culture and history that it deserved.

LoudMan wrote on June 12, 2014, 5:39 PM

What happened to Nikola Tesla was nightmarish. When he went to collect his pay for all of his work as an employee of the nefarious bag of fat known as Thomas Alva Edison, he was told he "didn't understand American humor." Edison robbed a good man, who was so genuinely nice, when Marconi STOLE his inventions, in order to falsely claim HE invented the radio, Mr. Tesla's response was, "Marconi is a good man. He is doing good. Let him continue using it." I'm paraphrasing, surely.

Nikola Tesla made our world a better place, all-around, in innumerable ways, yet died a virgin, alone and penniless, in a New York City apartment, with only he birds he fed for company. (And, he loved those birds.)

What happened to Nikola Tesla is all he evidence any functioning brain would need to see, there are some people who will just NEVER honor a contract with anyone, not from their tribe.

So, yeah. You're right. This is one beautiful piece of poetic justice. Let everyone of the same mind-set as Edison wither away, forever removed from the Human gene pool.

LoudMan wrote on June 12, 2014, 5:40 PM

*the* *the* LOL!

Anja wrote on June 12, 2014, 6:40 PM

LoudMan Sometimes typos happen...

LoudMan wrote on June 12, 2014, 7:54 PM

I know. :) Believe me. I know.

sunny2014 wrote on June 13, 2014, 12:34 PM

happy day

LoudMan wrote on June 13, 2014, 11:23 PM

Isn''t it? Seriously, isn't this one of the BEST, POSSIBLE DECISIONS possible?