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Consistency is Again Key--November Stats

Many have followed my journey through goals, successes, and failures here on Persona Paper. They have watched as I analyze what is needed for me to make my first payout by my 60th birthday last August. They have cheered me on to reach my second payout 15 weeks later.

Today is not about payouts, but simply a breakdown of the number of coins I have earned on a daily basis in November, as it compares to the numbers of daily articles written, as well as the amount of money earned.


Some suggest in order to have success, one must "kill themselves being on PP 24/7." I assure readers, this has not been the case.

Overall consistency is key for success. Yet, of course, people who define success solely based on money will have a more difficult time with their definitions.

Consistency and success will fall into place when there is confidence, work, motivation, creativity, and the courage to put your brain to work to make these things happen.

November numbers

  • Total coins earned: 3606
  • Average coins earned daily: 120.2
  • Total articles submitted: 123
  • Average articles submitted daily: 4.1
  • Total value earned: $5.41

For the sake of comparison


  • Total coins earned: 3864
  • Average coins earned daily: 124.65
  • Total articles submitted: 126
  • Average articles submitted daily: 4.07
  • Total value earned: $5.80


  • Total coins earned: 3820
  • Average coins earned daily: 127.33
  • Total articles submitted: 97
  • Average articles submitted daily: 3.23
  • Total value earned: $5.73

Despite the changes that naturally happen due to the ebb and flow of participants at any website, one can be consistent, as is shown across these three months.

No matter what the circumstances that you may find yourself in, you can have consistency. You will move forward. But it requires you to keep looking forward, and putting into practice things that you know you can do to keep that focus. Do not compare yourself with others. Look only at what you do.

Your numbers may be different, but look at your consistency over periods of time. Erratic numbers would suggest killing oneself to get things done. Stability in the numbers over time suggest you have found your "groove" and can manage a certain level of effort.

On path toward 3rd payout

Having reached the second payout minimum on November 7th, the next 23 days have resulted in 20% earning toward the 3rd payout.

  • Coins earned: 2671
  • Value $4.01

Again, this is consistent with the past statistics, so the next payout will likely be the end of February or early March.

For reference: Daily correlation between coins earned (green), articles written (purple), and value (yellow).

Author generated graph

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luisga814 wrote on December 1, 2015, 4:32 AM

May I ask, is that graph is your own statistics or do PP do that? I am little puzzled?

CoralLevang wrote on December 1, 2015, 4:44 AM

luisga814 It is based off of daily stats that I keep on a spreadsheet.

Rufuszen wrote on December 1, 2015, 7:35 AM

Anyone can see that I don't do PP 24/7, there are so many other things that need looking at.. or drinking!

CoralLevang wrote on December 1, 2015, 8:12 AM

*laughs* I couldn't get so much else done, if it were true. Nor would there be so many peaks and valleys in the chart!

Feisty56 wrote on December 1, 2015, 8:36 AM

Thank you for sharing this information. I'm always motivated and inspired by your numbers and how they prove that consistency is the key to success. I think that's true in just about any endeavor. It's great to see it so here at PP.

CoralLevang wrote on December 1, 2015, 9:23 AM

Thanks, Feisty56 . emoticon :smile: I really truly believe that we will get back from life, what we put into it. And that is not always easy, when there is so much emphasis in so many areas on disappointments and failures, and seeing challenges as something bad.

I so appreciate your words "motivated and inspired," as seeing them...keeps me going. I mean that not only in PP, but also in life. My Thanksgiving message on my blog this past week even references similar things in other aspects of my life. Otherwise, I might also have given up by now.

Your words and support of me make a difference. Thank you. *hug*

RuthCox wrote on December 1, 2015, 10:06 AM

Your stats are encouraging for sure. I agree, consistency is imperative for success online, as well as a few other things. Participating, building relationships with our presence ranks right up there, and yes, with that we need be consistent too.

markgraham wrote on December 1, 2015, 1:37 PM

Very good word ----- consistency. A word that works in a lot of different ways.

AliCanary wrote on December 1, 2015, 1:57 PM

What you get out really is directly proportional to what you put in, and you are doing the work consistently, here. Congratulations on your success!

lexiconlover wrote on December 2, 2015, 3:32 AM

Good for you, looks like I've got a lot to catch up on.